[AT] Many items sold on internet during the Chinese “Singles day”.

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Source : NHK

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Many items sold on internet during the Chinese “Singles day”.

In China, the 11th November is called the “singles day”. Every year at the same day, the selling companies sell many items cheaply. Among them, on the shopping website of the “Alibaba Group”, nearly 3.5 billions of billions of yen sold were announced this 11th November.

This represent a 27% increase in comparison with last year. It became the biggest number registered ever. Except China, it’s Japan which is the country with the most item sold on the “Alibaba Group” website. The administrative center that manage the Chinese post work thinks that, from the 12th to the 16th November, 18.7 billions articles will be delivered. In comparison with last year, a growth of 25% may happen.

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